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1 ButchButcher Please dont take our inbox away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 bobloblaw we will not go quietly into the night!
3 PatrickMurphy More could be made of this service, for instance to replace the invite command you scrapped.
4    Please do not remove JTV messaging service. It is the only way we can have private conversions outside the chatroom because there is no instant messaging system on the website.
5 GengarMonsterGhost Inboxes going away really isn't that big of deal. Inboxes can be replaced with e-mail/twitter/facebook. Archives and highlights being removed can't be replaced.
6 alicexstacy this is FUCKING INSANE how is jtv not bankrupt they're so ridiucolous and that web site is SO poorly run why are they making it even worse i didnt know that was even freaking possible Ya fucking wankers.